Small Cars

by admin on November 22, 2009

wpid-1291132129_car5.gifA small car has a lot of perks, from great mileage to the ease of parking in tight spots, but this usually also means they look a little ridiculous, or maybe aren’t any cheaper than a normal sized car. But here are some cars that look great, have an equally attractive price, and are small.

Smart cars are the leaders of the tiny car movement, with an amazing 40 miles per gallon, and the ability to park in a space sideways. They are also reasonably priced at only $11,000. They also off all of the features of a normal car, like a great stereo , warm up seats, and a heated back windows.

The Mazda Miata is another great one, however almost double the price of smart car, they have great features to choose from, and a sport design.

The Mini Cooper is also a famous small car from way back, and the new models are just as good and packed with new featured. It is made by BMW so you can expect great quality, and has a lot of interior room for how small the outside is.


Traveling with your family

by admin on September 20, 2009

wpid-1289300694_ist2-365698-presenting-car-keys.jpgFor the next road trip you take with your family, here are some tips for fun travel to be sure the kids are kept busy, and you are kept sane.

First, bring plenty of snacks, anything from cookies to pretzels, to keep everyone satisfied in between destinations or diners. As for drinks, cans of soda are convenient, but if you want the kids hopped up on sugar in the back seat it won’t be worth it. Instead pack bottles of water and Capri Suns, which have considerably less sugar.

Also have games ready, such as spotting games like going through the alphabet and having to find something corresponding with each letter. You can also buy car games such as trivia games to keep everyone busy.

If your budget allows, portable DVD players and a couple DVDs will definitely keep the kids occupied. Or bring along your laptop and a cooling pad with extra fans for extended use. Be sure you get a car charger for everything as well, for when the battery gets low. You can also burn some CDs with your favorite music to help pass the time. If you are into it, there are also audio books.


Removing bumber stickers

by admin on July 29, 2009

wpid-1289063608_car3.jpgWhether you bought a used car with a bumper sticker, or you are trying to get rid of the evidence of an impulsive buy all those years ago, removing stickers from a car can be difficult and often cause unnecessary damage. If you want to remove it safely and quickly, you can do it with some normal garage supplies and a little bit of time. Be sure you have a hair dryer, rubbing alcohol, car wax, WD-40, a soft rag, and a rubber spatula. First spray the sticker with the oil, and let it sit for half a minute. You should be able to pull of the sticker with your fingers. If not, then heat it with the hair dryer, using the high setting for a couple minutes. Lift the corner and wiggle in the spatula, helping it break free. Once its off, use the rubbing alcohol to remove any of the left over adhesive with the cloth. The cloth shouldn’t have any pills or lint on it, as it will stick to the adhesive rather than helping remove it.

One thing to remember is never use a razor, it is dangerous and you will probably cut yourself before you get rid of that annoying sticker. It will also leave scratches on your car which you would probably prefer a bumper sticker to.


Renting a car in California

by admin on May 15, 2009

wpid-1288286813_rijbewijs-beginnersrijbewijs-tcm249-190344.jpgThe best way to have the freedom to see everything you want to visit on your vacation holiday is always to rent a car. If you are visiting California, it is perfect to see all of the beaches, shops, and sights that this great state has to offer. Be sure to research all of the rental car companies that are available, as there are many. There are a lot of packages that can cater to your holiday, such as unlimited mileage or weekly rates. Then plan all the places you want to see on your vacation, such as malls, parks or the famous San Diego Zoo. If you plan ahead, you can save time driving around or trying to fit everything in that you want to see. This way you get done everything you want on your holiday.

Reserving your car is also important, as some of the biggest cities often have all their cars reserved due to all the business trips that go on. So plan ahead and reserve your car and dates so you can get exactly want. If you have to upgrade, you might spend a lot more money on gas compared to the economy car that you had planned to rent.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

by admin on March 24, 2009

snowcarWinters are hard on a vehicle as the sudden drop in temperature can make the engine work overtime and can wreak havoc on the body of the vehicle – as salt is used to melt ice on so many of the roads. Taking measures to prepare your vehicle winter can help to preserve the vehicle and increase its life span.

Here are some ways that you can use to prepare your vehicle for winter:

  • Get a tune up. Ensuring that the vehicle has a tune up before the cold weather hits means that it can be prepared to face the winter with ease. A tune up will include all the essentials to prepare the vehicle for winter including all fluids is topped up and the brakes and hoses are all checked within the vehicle. A tune up can also determine of the winter tires are suitable to withstand another season.
  • Prepare the body. In most places where there is snow, salt covers the roads each winter and can wreak havoc on the paint and can cause rust to occur on the body of the car. Consider taking preemptive measures like undercoating to protect the bottom of the vehicle or treatments to protect the paint on the vehicle.
  • Know when to wear the winter tires. The winter tires can only be put on the vehicle when a certain temperature is reached. Putting the winter tires on the vehicle prior to these points can be dangerous.

Preparing for winter should not be the only time that a tune up is completed on the vehicle. It is important to take care of the vehicle throughout the year.